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My wife nisha is 30 yrs of age. She is very fair, 5ft 2inches tall and weighs about 64 kgs. We have been married for the past couple of years. We live a nice and healthy sex life. Some time back we started talking about other people during sex. I used to talk about how I would like to shove my cock in a friend of hers and would have a great orgasm as she would talk and act like her friend. Whenever her friend Anita would come over to our place my wife would give me the looks and would smile. She knew it she would get a good romp in the bed after her friend left. Slowly on my coaxing she started asking Anita about her sex life. We struck GOLD. Yes, GOLD. Anita and her hubby were not having a great sex life. Her hubby was so busy with his life that he was neglecting her completely. She was getting fucked just once in three months. My wife told her that we were doing it every day atleast once, And if we could manage it we got in another good fuck. Anita was like Nisha yaar you are so lucky. Bhaiya looks after you so well. I wish my hubby was like that.' Nisha told her that if you are really hot and need it so badly you can have my hubbies cock. Anita told her to behave herself and that she was making her feel hot just saying it. Nisha knew my desire for that particular friend of hers. She knew I would give my nuts for fucking her. So she poured her friend a bacardi and asked her to chill out. After about an hour Anitas hubby called on her cell to say that he would not be home that night as he had to go out of station to meet a very important client. Nisha caught on to that moment and asked her to stay the night with us. As it was quite late at night and she had, had a few drinks she agreed. After dinner we went to our room. Anita wanted to sleep in the guest room but Nisha said that the Airconditioner there was not working and she could sleep with us in our room. It was pretty late as I have already told you and the drinks were having a affect on Anita. She did not argue and agreed to sleep there after little persuasion...



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